it's not matbattle

good stuff

Wow very entertaining exhibition; Fedor is quick even vs a top flight LW. Very nice throws by Fedor and Aoki had a couple nice moves as well.

Thx for that TSGIGOR


back to his same entrance music



For an exhibition that was badass, wish it was longer than 5 minutes.

Thanks for the link!

great vid........thx

 Man, there are few things as cool as a well done "judo throw".

I cannot get over the size of Aoki's head. It's like the size of his torso.


thanks TSGIGOR!

Aoki looks lean for 210

Crazy that Fedor was able to manhandle Aoki, considering Aoki's massive bulk.

Awesome! Thanks for the video.

It's funny thinking that the tubby bald ring announcer (trying so hard to disguise his Sunderland accent) beat the living shit out of current top 5 HW Frank Mir not so long ago.


Neither dude was wearing a mouthpiece. Had one of those kicks landed it wouldve been UFC 1 all over again.


a work

Yeah I thought it was a grappling match but they were throwing suedo strikes. Interesting nonetheless.


Cool Vid