Fedor vs Dos Santos in the works

Double knockdown ala Mitrione/Fedor but this time Fedor gets the finish since JDS has been getting his brains scrambled a lot more recently.

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Fedor should just retire.

I have not forgiven Barnett for his incompetence.

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Love Fedor.

JDS spanks him tho.

They gonna have Anderson go up to heavy & fight the winner?

Anderson has a boxing match scheduled against Julio Cesar Chavez Junior.

Sad and true.
Martial arts is the sport of gracelessly aging kings.

I agree. Just gonna feel bad, when one of them drops.

Yet again we’ll see the fraudulent can crusher Fedor get embarrassed, and yet again we’ll have to endure cries of how he would have won if he hadn’t magically fell out of his prime at age 33.

Or maybe, he would have always been a 13-5 record type fighter in a real fight league and that’s why his record looks like it does after showing up to america. LOL

Have any of these past their prime fights been good? Genuine question.

What did you think of–
Chuck vs Tito 3
Chael vs Fedor?
Wandy vs Rampage 4
Fedor vs Rampage

Any others?


Fedor doesn’t lose in Russia.

I wish Fedor and Dos Santos retired. I’ll still watch though

All I know is they better be on all of the juice for this

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I couldn’t believe the type of shape Rampage showed up in for the Fedor fight. Seemed disrespectful.

I still have a bunch of the little promo cards for that. If there are any collectors out there that want some, hit me up.

This for sure. I don’t need the crying about they should both retire, they’re done. I will watch this fight regardless. Let them bang bros!!