Fedor vs Hunt (video)

lol snap

Wow, Hunt looked impressive, he's definately improved.

His ground game and take down defense was impressive.

pretty good fight!

thanks for posting it

Damn, not at all how I expected it to go down, cept for the end. Hunt on top of Fedor- who'da thunk?

b4 watchin the vid

Hunt is the reason I got into MMA all those years ago, if thats even plausible. I saw his fight with Ray Sefo randomly on a hotel feed and it sparked my interest in combat once again. Cos he's a NZ'er I have to back him... even tho I'm oz.

after watchn vid

holy shit i see what you guys mean, I never imagined hunt could improve THAT fast, but I spose I'm thinking in fight experaiane rather than time. I recall hearing that Mark was like a sponge with grappling training, he learnt quickly and efficiently. That seems to be the case, thats the toughest fight fedor has had really, nog never got him in 'real' danger and fujita didn't have the technique to finish Fedor.

btw thanks heaps for the vif ferox, happy nys

Great fight thx for posting



Thanks for the vid.

Good fight...thanks for the vid!

this tonight's fight????   Put a spoiler warning!

:( missed the vid

'this tonight's fight???? Put a spoiler warning!'

LOL at needing addition warning..

Anyway the PPV has already been shown.

missed it shit.

LOL - I dunno fuckwad mods is my guess.