Fedor vs Lindland (SPOILER)

It is official that this is going to be the whitest fight in history.  I am fairly certain that neither guy has ever seen the sun.  Bodog has already sent out a notice for people to adjust the brightness of their TVs so you don't just see 2 glowing figures.  Please be warned.

stop white on white fights ;-)


what if the ref is black....that could change everything!! REPENT....REPENT!!!

I'll be wearing shades.

throwing in a black ref would completely change the contrast settings as well.

white on white violence is plaguing the world!


Yeah, Fedor is usually pretty tan. Nice try, though.

It probably won't be the best smelling rig either. Woogy smells like a septic tank.

Problem solved! ...I borrowed a friends welding mask and right after the fight we are going to watch the eclipse!

2 birds, 1 stone.

Bodog is establishing the new "Incandescent Division".

"And NEW Incandescent Champion of the World! Wait...where'd he go? All I see are bright lights."

TTT for Team Incandescent! Who else would be on this team full of men with "bright" futures?

Aoki is whiter than just about any white guy I know