Fedor vs. Monson video thread deleted?

 Not sure why this happened, but to reiterate, M1Fan is an official M-1 youtube account. They have hundreds of M-1 fights uploaded without any takedown notices, so this isn't an illicit copy of the fight. You can't even buy a replay of the uStream PPV.

Check out all of the fights from M-1 Global: Fedor vs. Monson in 1080p with intros here


Daniel Weichel (28-7) vs. Jose Figueroa (10-5)

Yuri Ivlev (18-7) vs. Jerome Bouisson (9-2)

Mairbek Taisumov (16-3) vs. Josh Thorpe (11-7)

Albert Duraev (2-0) vs. Xavier Foupa Pokam (21-17)

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Wow man these are great quality vids! Thanks for posting

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I'd love to find an accurate translation of the afterfight speech, and Putin's interaction.

M-1 Challenge 29 was held in Ufa the night before Fedor vs. Monson, featuring a main event between four fight UFC veteran Mario Miranda and Red Devil's Dmitri Samoilov

Mario Miranda (13-3) vs. Dmitri Samoilov (12-6-1)

Artiom Damkovsky (9-6) vs. Antun Racic (9-3)

Erik Oganov (11-11) vs. Daniel Madid (7-3)

Denis Komkin (13-6) vs. Ruslan Stepanyan (0-3)


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wow--outstanding quality on the first video, thanks for posting smoogy

fedor looked pretty sharp to me--he beat the shiz out of snowman. monson is a tough mofo.

great crowd and very legit production (from what is shown on this vid) imho

hopefully this is a sign of things to come from m1 and mma in this part of the world

Thanks for the good quality.

 Fedor throwing a crisp right cross down the pipe over and over was apparently pretty boring for some people, but I found it fascinating to see such an adjustment in a great fighter on the downslope of his career. Fedor DID follow the gameplan!

 He took the leg and Monsons will right in the first round.

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If you only watch one of the undercard fights, I recommend Daniel Weichel vs. Jose Figueroa... Figueroa is a mid-level American at best and has often been held as an example of how weak M-1's talent is since he won the belt from Artiom Damkovsky. Weichel, who represents Germany and carries a two sided German/Russian flag the ring, had no trouble starching him to take the gold. The new M-1 70kg Champion is a much better representation of the competition in their strongest division. Like popular Euros Paul Daley, Dennis Siver and Dan Hardy, Weichel is a long time veteran of the continental European MMA circuit and perennially ranks among the top fighters in the region. He has fought all of the three aforementioned UFC vets, losing to Daley and Hardy but picking up a submission win over Siver in 2006.

Waiting in the wings to challenge Weichel for the 70kg title are top Austrain lightweight Mairbek Taisumov (16-3), Russian prodigy Alexander Sarnavskiy (15-0) and Damkovsky (10-5), the popular Belarussian. If you've been ignoring M-1 and their flagship 70kg division, now would be a good time to start following it because it's only going to get better

Yeah....So this is MMA right? Monson just doesn't throw anything. Just an occasional weak takedown. PUNCH DAMMIT! :) Was he paid not to strike? :)