Fedor vs Mousasi exhibition- WTF??????

What was that? An exhibition?

We need emoooootional content!

Unless one man wants to physically hurt another man somewhere, it's just a waste of my time.

That's why I don't go to work, grocery stores, or banks any longer. It's a waste of time for a manimal like me.

Modern society is too gentile. 

What were people expecting with the exhibition? Was there any doubt Fedor was going to win? You wanted them to go out throwing hard strikes and risking some freak KO ending Fedor's legacy? Wanted to see a BJJ demonstration?

I swear most of you are either retarded or 15 years old. You work yourselves into a frenzy of expectations only to be disappointed in the end.

Its no different than Lesnar doing WWE, and there was nothing wrong with that either. If staged fighting sells tickets, and you don't pretend its anything but staged, why not do it? No one forces anyone to watch exhibitions, WWE, or any other kind of acting (like Kung-Fu movies). Most people realize that its not real, and either enjoy it or turn off the tv.

You know what you guys should do? You should get really worked up and angry about a last minute sparring exhibition done for fun between two of the top guys in the world in between their scheduled fights. That makes a lot of sense I think.

mwmhong - What was that? An exhibition?

We need emoooootional content!

fedor actually tapped to an omo plata, but the ref didn't end the match until gegard tapped to the armbar.