Fedor vs. Randy...Movie Title

The scene:

Randy is doing a promotional conference for a new movie. A reporter stands up and says, "You were the greatest fighter in MMA history, how does this help you in acting?" Randy begins to respond and there is a commotion in the audience.

A monster of man removes his hat and states, "The greatest, he cannot be the greatest, he hasn't fought the greatest, I am the greatest." Pictures burst out, reporters begin frantically snapping pictures and asking questions. There in front of them is Fedor.

After dominating and demolishing the sport after Randy's second retirement, Fedor has been belittled lately in the press for never fighting Randy.

Fedor announces, "If you are the greatest, you will fight me." "Cmon old man, it is my time, you cant beat me and could never beat me."

Randy snarls back, "I could still whip you." Thus embarking on the greatest showdown in the history of the game...

Ohhh wait, this reminds me of a movie... damn which movie was that?