Fedor vs Werdum after Alistair beats Werdum?

If Werdum loses to Overeem.This would be a great chance for Fedor to redeem his loss.If he is going to hang them up what's better to go out on a win to the guy that gave him his first loss in over ten years.

I think it would be a good companion match to the tournament final.

Fedor by TKO. Phone Post

I would love this! Or vs Barnett (if he doesn't make it to the finals) Phone Post

It is really the only fight that potentialy makes sense for him right now. I do think Fedor's best is well behind him, but I still contend that Werdum is a very winnable fight for him. It would be a good way to go out.

I thought this right after the fight last night
I hope Werdum loses so this can happen