Fedor vs Zulu wtf?



Much like Heath Herring, Fedor beat Zulu up like he owed him money.

A total ass-kicking!

That was ridiculous, what was that all about?????????


I totally agree with everything...cept Fedore did not KO anyone.

hope Zulu got paid well for his beating.

Fedor rulz!!!!

2 knockdowns in a 20-some second fight

kind of hard to take a PRIDE show seriously when this is the opener...

there was blood on the mat so I assumed this was not the opener live...just on the ppv.....but ya, I see your point Brazilian however I kinda like these "side show" matches and the fighters willing to fight in them.

lol - why did this fight even happen?!

I knew this one was gonna be a landslide. What's a 400 lb fat fuck gonna do when he falls on his back? He's gonna look like a manitee does on land. Fedor probably helped him stand back up early for the sake of extending the fight another fifteen seconds. Had no business in the ring with Emelianenko.

I liked how Fedor let him stand up just enough to get some mother earth behind that last right.

"kind of hard to take a PRIDE show seriously when this is the opener..."

I can't be sure but, I don't think it was the opener in Japan...just the edited version for US PPV...there was already blood in the ring for that fight if I recall.  Just like Ogawa vs Yoshida was the #2 fight for our viewing but the finale in the live event in Japan where that fight was bigger news. You can see the confetti and hear the music after the Yoshida fight - that stuff is usually reserved for the final fight of the night.



I figured this wasn't the opener in Japan, I noticed the blood on the mat also

I'm talking about the US PPV audience

Well, I guess they knew it was a quick fight, it was not a title fight, so put in the beginning and get it out of the way so people could see some actual contests.

Fedor chooses not to knock people out. His precision punching programming is coded to inflict heavy damage which leaves his victims CHOKING ON THEIR OWN FUCKING BLOOD

I think that its safe to say that Fedor is a very dangerous man.

Honestly that wasn't a surprise...

I read that Zulu is a purple belt BJJ...wait, no he ate a purple belt in BJJ