Fedor was more than competitive against a top 3

LHW in Dan Henderson. If Fedor drops to 205 and leaves that camp full of disgusting leeches and useless pieces of shit he will be a force in the division. Phone Post

People will claim that Hendo is not a top 3 LHW, but in reality, the only LHW that he has lost to in 6 years is when he dropped 3 close rounds to then Champion Quinton "Rampage" Jackson.

You are right that if Fedor left his camp and expanded he would have more success. He has outgrown his camp.

Jones is shitting himself at the sight of a hungry motivated Fedor gunning for the title. Phone Post

 How on earth did Dan become top 3 at 205?

Fedor ran into Dans fists. From the get go, he has lost it.

In my day, trolling meant something.

orcus -  How on earth did Dan become top 3 at 205?

He's not at the moment. Probably ranked 7 or 8. However, he was ranked top 3 in 2007 and FACTUALLY has lost NO LHW fight in that time frame aside to then Champion Rampage. In fact, Dan only lost his top 5 LHW ranking from dropping to MW for a couple years.

Hendo (if healthy) is a tough fight for anyone.