Fedor: Why he scares me

While there are many good reasons why Fedor should terrify a normal person here is why I am frightened of the big man. I recently had the pleasure of watching the Grand Prix Heavyweight finals on DVD. After Alexsanders knockout loss to Crocop there was a brief segment showing Fedor watching the fight. Fedor just watches as his brother gets dropped like a load of bricks and says in Russian, "Mirko, that jerk. What was my brother doing?" He doesnt even blink or raise his voice as hes saying this. His brother had just been knocked out and you would think he was just watching a cartoon show or something. He is one cold, scary dude. Hes going to crush Nog in the rematch.

open guard is correct i believe

and lol, yeah, a lot of russians do come off like that. cold and resolved. i think its the weather in their country :)

we just had a russian start last month at work. he is the same way

He did show emotion. He was pissed.

yeah but that was a malfunction in his neural processor... they got that fixed quickly.

"This is an incredible time in MMA to have two stars like Fedor and Nog fighting at the same time in history."

Agreed!!! Top 2 HW's in the world that put it on the line each and everytime. Head and shoulders above all HW's right now.

Russians may look unemotional but IMHO they are known to be quite emotional. Likewise for Russian women.

I agree with JEMMETT. They are like the Ali/Frazier of MMA. They indeed are the best, and remind me of Super-Heroes when you see what they have done.

Couture also falls into this category.

A lot of Russians come across like that.

Ze Germans too.