Fedor will lose to Mark Coleman

I dont think Fedor is near as invincible as everyone thinks. Ive seen him rocked at least 3 times that i can think of, and Coleman has sick takedowns. I see Coleman getting on top and not losing control and probally getting a decision win.

I hope The Hammer is as huge of an underdog as i think he will be because Im going to make some cash on this fight.

Bad matchup for fedor...

how does Fedor win? takedowns...position control..ground and pound.

not going to happen against Coleman

armbar from the bottom (left arm) round one.

Didn't he already beat Coleman fairly easily? He even said he didn't want
to hurt Coleman because he was a friend so he subbed him instead of
GnP him.

Fedor wins easily

Fat chance!

I would agree with you... if Coleman had cardio and submission defense...

no he wont take this one like he did the last, seeing he lost that fight. But he will win THIS fight. Better shape..more focused...fighting in America..

I'm gonna go with armbar from the guard also. I just have a feeling he can beat him that way.

I am going to put cash on that Rightious

LMAO @ shoudlawhoula

MMA didn't start this month, fyi.

what the do you mean by MMA didnt start this month?

You assume Im new to the sport because Im new to the Underground?

try again...

I assume you're new, becuase you don't seem to know that Fedor already beat Coleman once, and it wasn't much of a fight.

No, they assume you're new to the sport because you made the most idiotic thread of the entire week.

lol @ this thread.

Fedor won't lose until new years eve where CroCop will KO him.



Rightious K is clearly a homosexual with a gambling problem. 

"Fedor won't lose until new years eve where CroCop will KO him."

Incorrect. Crocop can't beat Fedor.

I know they fought before.... fights years ago dont mean much to me.

I think Coleman has more motivation now..thats all.

I also think he is pumped after getting the win over Shogun.....

and JOB stfu you fucking assclown. you make dumb fucking threads all the time. I think Coleman will beat Fedor, i could give a fuck less what your dumbass thinks of that....

I bet you didnt think Coleman would beat Shogun either..

lol @ JOB

why do you need to watch fights if you already know who is going to win every fight ?

Hammerhouse still needs to learn basic submission defense, so Fedor by

Even if Coleman had a chance, the yakuza would threaten to burn the
Hammerhouse gym down if he didn't lay down like vs Takada.

Everyone also said that Coleman had no chance against Shogun...

Coleman will win because he represents the OLD SCHOOL