FEDOR Will Smash CRO COP....

  1. Cro Cop has gotten phenomenal at sprawling and avoiding takedowns from wrestlers. Hes avoided Coleman taking him down, Randleman (2nd time), alot of excellent wrestlers... But in reality, these guys are predominantly Freestyle wrestlers. They shoot in, and try to get a single, or double leg takedown. In MMA, you have to shoot from a much further distance than normal freestyle wrestling, to avoid punches, knees and kicks. This extra distance allows Cro Cop to time, and avoid the shot, by pancake sprawling. He is really awesome at this.

On the other hand CroCop HAS been taken down by Josh Barnet, Waterman, and some others with bodylocks. Fedor specializes in judo, and body locks. Using Greco to takedown your opponent, is MUCH more effective in MMA. You've seen Cro Cop get rushed, bodylocked, and pushed into a corner (where he proceeds to push his opponents face back). Fedor is not going to be shooting a single, or double leg on Cro Cop. Hes not going to shoot from a distance. He will rush him, bodylock, and immediately take him down. Crocop still hasnt proven himself on the ground (on his back) against an awesome GNP guy. (Coleman never got him down). I really dont see how Cro Cop could stop a takedown from Fedor. And anyone who saw Fedor Vs TK, good God, CroCop has a beating in store for him.

No way man i see crocop beating fador. Yes Fador is good, but crocop is geting better and better all the time. Hes geting better on the ground and of course his striking if so dam good, but i sapose we will have to see.

Barnett didn't take him down. Crocop slipped and fell on a missed high kick and Barnett followed him down. Randleman tried to clinch in the first fight and Crocop just held him off until the ref restarted them. Alexander Emilanenko tried clinch takedowns and failed every time.

This fight will be awesome if only because it will be the first time either has fought a guy he didn't outmatch physically -- they are both scarily strong and fast.

u no wat? i change opimyun. i agreed wiff u nou! crocop win fite good!

what is this "MMA" you're referring to nevertap?

They have to fight for anyone to get smashed. This fight is becoming like the Tito-Chuck saga. It is taking way too long to happen and a loss by either guy will kill the momentum. With rumors of a CroCop-Nog rematch, there is a chance that CroCop may lose the #1 contender status. Could we see Fedor-Mino #4. I fucking hope not.

Agreed covh14514 (catchy name btw, rolls off the tongue. Are you with the Borg?)

I'm looking forward to Fedor-Mino 4 like a Paula Abdul comeback.

Man, this fight better not derail. I was still pretty positive until you mentioned Tito-Chuck...

I want this fight to happen more than any other in MMA.

Second Fedor clinches, Crocop's fate is sealed. mooohahahahhahahahaha. MOOAHOAHHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

I don't think that Fedor is even that outclassed on the feet, and I know a thing about stand up. Should he try to win that way? Hell no. But is he going to get knocked out like Coleman? Hell no. Crocop would kill him under K-1 rules, but these arent' K-1 rules. As long as Fedor goes forward, dictates the pace, AND isn't afraid to get hit, he's gonna win a great chess match-much like Crocop vs. Nogueira.

scary thing about this match up is that both of these guys could fight at light heavyweight! Yikes. I've been watching old K-1 fights and Crocop was teeny then. 205-210 even. And Fedor's got love handles from hell. it would not be a stretch for either of them to pull an Igot and clean house @205.

What people dont understand is that FEDOR can Take a punch. He doesnt have a glass jaw. I will put a 50 dollar bet on this fight with anyone on the ug

Fedor will fuckin sodomize CroCop unless some crazy high-kick KOs him early (slim chance)

As I've said before, I think the only thing Fedor has to worry about is the high kick -- even if they get in a standing punching war, I think Crocop will go down before Fedor does.

Still, I don't think a takedown would necessarily be the end of the fight. Aside from cut stoppages over Herring and TK, Fedor has never finished anybody with punches on the ground, and Mirko is good at avoiding damage in that position. The more likely threat would be the punches to submission transition that Fedor does so well (as against Ogawa).

I wouldn't call Crocop-Nog a chess match ! More like a beating followed by a takedown and a sub

Does anyone have ANY news regarding Fedor's injury? Is he going to be ready by August??

If Fedor could survive Randleman's slam, then he can certainly survive a couple shots from Cro Cop on his way to the takedown, which he will get...

I think some of you guys are mistaking Fedor for a human being...

fedor will take him down rather easily and will pound cro cop to a pulp. and thats coming from somebody that would love to see cro cop win that fihgt.

How much do you guys want to bet that the high kick will never come?

Crocop will be hesitant to throw that high kick and therefore will not win this match. If he throws it and he slips like he did with Barnett, you can bet your life that Fedor will make him pay and not tapp out from a mild shoulder injury.

He will not feel comfortable in there like with Alex since Alex was very slow at that time. Fedor is faster, more dangerous and can punch like a truck. Mirko will be confused at all times and will slip up when he gets pressured from going into the defensive mode.

fedor will get a throw and put mirko on his back and beat him senseless.


We all know Cro Cop has the deadly leg kick, but people act like it's his only weapon, and that if he can't foot-smack someone into oblivion he's doomed. The man has hands for god's sake. And he has a brain even!

Cro Cop will have a good plan and I doubt it involves inching around the ring waiting to land the high kick at all costs.

He's smart enough to know not to chase a KO foolishly.

This is a real pick 'em fight.

As far as Fedor not finishing with GnP on the ground, okay Orcus, but uh, Mirko's jaw is solid balsa wood, so I think it's possible he could get KO'd on the ground with Fedor in his guard.

On the other hand, what the FUCK are we talking about...this fight is like a billion years away all of a sudden. Goddamn it, it keeps creeping away every time we try to touch it!

fedor is gonna make it hurt!

if Fedor can take Nog down, he can take CC down.

Besides, you can't sprawl when a guy is blasting fists at your cranium w/the intent of scrambling your eggs. You've first got to survive the blows and that's when Fedor was close enough to toss my boy Nog around like a rag doll.