Fedor x Nog need no time limit!

These 2 need an old school no time limit match.


100% agree

Unlimited 10 minute rounds perhaps.


If they fought with no round limits, Fedor would fight the style of fight he fought in their first matchup. He would pound on him for hours and Nog has a good enough chin and the heart not to tap. Do we really need to see Nog get brain damage?

Why with these 2 particular guys?

We could say that about anyone who's had fights won by decision?

Look what happened to Royce, im not saying the same thing would happen but when you guys base that Fedor was supposedly getting tired towards the end, that aint fair.

Would he have fought at the same pace if it ws a NTL match?

Not to bunch you guys in but with Royce/Sak, some were saying "Royce won the early rounds" when it was NTL and it was what Royce had asked for.

Its just as possible, because Fedor has proved it twice, that the more time went on, the more damage Mino would take from GNP and its very possibly that Mino wouldnt have the sense to get a sub if beaten so bad...

Nog needs to get a better gameplan than waiting for someone to start getting tired after 20 minutes of fighting.

"We could say that about anyone who's had fights won by decision?"

Because these are the two best fighters in the world, and it seems like no matter how many times they fight 20 minutes, there would never be a finish, and that's always ultimately at least a little unsatisfying.

this is a sport not death match

this would be a death wish for Nog!

NO time limits would mean a TKO after 90 minutes, when Mino's corner would throw the towel in to dtop him from getting hurt more.

Why do people want to see Mino beat Fedor so badly, they are willing to risk Mino's long term health and even life to do so?

If ya don't win in the specified time limit then you lose. Assuming and speculating doesn't prove anything.

I have no desire to see a fighter get jackhammered for a unspecified time limit. Fedor has Nog's number. Plain and simple.


I actually like Fedor and am glad he won. I'd just be interested to see what would happen if it went longer.

Nog seems to usually do well near the end of the rounds. I still think Fedor would win.


Flexxx, nog didn't do much of anything.


I think with unlimited time Nogueria's deadly kicks to Fedor's knee from his back could have cause minor swelling and discomfort.

"u dont know anything chad, u live in calgary. "

  • Says a "MackDaddyFlexxx", lol.

the fight would still b going, nog would still b losing