Fedor's Boxing?

What is the style of boxing that Fedor uses?

I have been watching him fight in slow motion and he throws his punches weird, with his elbows out.

His fists don't travel straight away from his body but more like he is swinging his body or something, hard to describe but he seems to hit super hard.

I'm not a boxing expert but a lot of you guys are and maybe you could shed some light on this subject?

Fedor throws looping hooks because he's more comfortable on his feet than most anybody else. He's got good enough power that if he lands a shot or two, it's lights out.

When he fights somebody else with skills, he tightens his game up.

I read something about the style of punching both he and Igor use being called "Icing" I don't know much about this style of punching but the angular looping shots are very similar between the two. From what I read, the style of punching was developed so that when you threw a punch you wouldn't lose your balance on the ice. I know it sounds crazy, but post this on the UG and see if anyone else can shed some light on the subject.

Some people who seemed knowledgable said it is a European style called "casting" or "long hooks". Punchdrunk27 seems familiar with the style.

"He's got good enough power that if he lands a shot or two, it's lights out." hmmm must have missed those fights, never seen him standing KO anyone. Which fights you talking about Todd?? Fedor really just goes off and swarms his opponents, setting up the takedown/sub. Dont listen to this "casting" or "icing" bullshit. Think about it you think Fedor is sitting in the gym working on his icing boxing technique? I did meet a Cuban coach who showed me something similiar called a long hook.

It's just Eastern Euro/former Eastern Bloc style boxing. it's not magic Russian Superman techniques or anything, just the way they fight.

who knows where it came from.

I'm not the best person to judge as I am a total newbie, but I don't think it's necessarily about sloppiness, just a different style.

it offends our sensibilities about boxing, but judoka doing heavy lifting and developing a "power judo" game offended the Japanese back in the 60's.

The Russians have their own traditions of fistcuffs from before the introduction of Western/English boxing, and I'm pretty sure they do fight on ice on occasion.

I seem to remember there was some kind of traditional mass fights they did on deeply frozen ponds where different villages would beat the shit out of each other for fun.

it may just have been the personal style of some important boxer who spread Western boxing in Russia, and it stuck.

punchdrunk showed me the basics of the Eastern Euro hooks he learned from a pretty high level Eastern Euro boxer.

He knows American and Eastern Euro style, and picks what he thinks is appropriate for him.

Cubans had access to quality American trainers before the revolution, and after the revolution, high level Soviet and (to a lesser extent) Mexican trainers.

so, I would guess they are sort of a melting pot.

you might want to talk to KidJustice too, as he has trained under the Eastern Euro boxer and trained with punchdrunk as well. He also knows U.S. and Eastern Euro style.

both punchdrunk and KidJustice have more experience and can talk about it better.

Respect, nobody is walking through his shots. Not Zuluzinho, not Fujita, not Coleman. When he knows his boxing skills are better than his opponents he is more wide open.

anyone got a clip of him punching?

Here's a great Fedor highlight in which you can see him punch a LOT: