Fedor's Next Opponent?

I say it's Barnett or Ricco (if they can get him and provided that he's in somewhat decent shape).

Rulon Gardner @ bodog imo.

Oh really? Damn, I'm in the dark. I actually LIKE this match. Seriously.

His next opponent will be the 8 months off, in all likelihood, before his next match. Because that's how he usually rolls

^ Are you suggesting that Fedor's ducking anyone or does not like to fight often?

kinda hard to guess an opponent if we don't even know for sure what organization his next fight will take place in...


I was hoping you guys had the inside scoop. :)

Oh, ok, well, then, uh, my soucre confirmed that......

Someone disappointing.

The new Pride can't afford to not have him. If you count Nog and Crocop as UFC guys, to seem legit, Pride needs Fedor bad.

I get the feeling Fedor doesn't need them as much as they need him.

Fedor should really work on clearing out all the top 185'ers.

Anderson Silva, Rich Franklin, Mizaki...



Even though it would suck for the fans he should retire. Nothing left to prove.

Yeah nothing left to prove after beating a couple top HWs. Beating two top guys definitely makes you the best ever for life.

I truly reckon he will get mauled in ufc just like mirko! Pride was always second rate full of mismatches.

^ lol Nice try, but I don't think he reads this forum, brah.

I hope he gets his ass beat soon so people will stop swinging from his nuts

^ Blasphemy!

^ Probably wears a Fedor t-shirt and wishes he could be like him

"^ Probably wears a Fedor t-shirt and wishes he could be like him"

You got the SECOND part right. :)

LOL at a grown man wishing to be like another grown man.

Have some self-respect