fedor's sambo is awesome

it is clear to me that fedor has mastered the art of sambo. with all the throws on nogueira, he clearly has mastered its intricate and truly original style.

No-one has integrated striking, pummeling and throwing to the degree
Fedor has. Even Randy Couture tends to strike, pummel and then
secure his grip before initiating the takedown, i.e there´s a short gap
while he switches gears to Greco mode - not so with Fedor. It´s all
one fluid motion. To me that´s the essence of Judo/Sambo. Fedor
really has all bases covered, and like Randy, he also comes in with
superior gameplans, and what´s more important he sticks to them.

I have never seen anyone so calm and confident in someone's guard the way Fedor is. He doesn't seem the least bit concerned about getting choked or armlocked. The way he escaped those submission attempts on New Years Eve was amazing.