Feed a Pro Fighter... to a Polar Bear.

If you could give any pro fighter a title shot against a polar bear (or a velociraptor in the HW div lol) who would it be? I choose Tito, with Nick Diaz and Frank Mir as the bear's first two title defenses.

Has it come to this?


Anderson Silva, Allistar Overeem, Jose Aldo

There's actually a clip out there of Fujiwara going against a bear. He did better than I expected but damn if he didn't look like he was hurtin'. lol

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lol Evilmaster! Phone Post

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Found it:


Kim Couture.

[quote]ganther - Marco Ruas[/quote] 


LOL marco looks like a 70s brazilian james bond in that picture and it seems like even being able to grab or touch him would be a personal milestone for varelans at that point

rt18: better make Overeem wear gloves, to make it fair for the polar bear. Phone Post

 Alexander Emelianenko?