Feedback on this routine......

Three days a week with BWE on off days. Also consider MMA/Grappling training everynight all week.

For size and strenth, this was posted on here a while back:

Power movement: Snatch, clean, hang clean etc. 5 X 5

Squat movement: Any variation of squat/overhead squat.4X5

Pull: Deadlift, strait legged etc. 3X8

Push: Bench, and chest activity. 3X8

Weighted pullups. AMAP.


Diet: Eat everything in site all the time.

You do all of those three days per week?

Where's the row?

If you seriously do that much stuff, i'd keep the intensity on these lifts pretty low, especially if you are doing all of them three days per week. Monitor your progress carefully.


I am sorry, I pick only one of those exersizes for each movement, not all of them.

Yeah, that's what i meant. If you are failing on each of those, you will probably hit the wall pretty fast. Those are big lifts to be pushing so hard, ESPECIALLY considering all the training you are already doing.

Again, make sure you have a row in there if available. Switch it on and off with the pullup for variety.

Don't lift until failure.


I might cut it down to 2 days a week, but looks good otherwise. I would add something for neck and traps myself, but that's because I have a skinny giraffe neck.