Feeding frenzy in San Jose

3-0 Sharks after 1... damn Colorado getting a spanking over mammas lap

Listening to it on the radio right now. Sounds pretty one sided so far. Although I'm listening to a colorado radio station and they are bitching about the third goal.

Aves just scored, konowalchuk gets them on the board.

4-1 now

Marleau must be having a good game. That's his second so far tonight. Will he get his second hat trick of the postseason.

And there is the hat trick. Fuckin Marleau must be on fire.

have Marleau in my pool... keep scoring big wheel

and a goaltending change too as Salo is in now.

they must be really bitching now.. 5-1 ..lol

They are not saying to much right now. Just said it's gonna be awfully tough to get back into the game with Nabokov in net for the Sharks and that Forsberg is starting to look frustrated out there.

Hat Trick

Super Forsberg is -1, 0-2 in faceoffs, and zero shots on goal through 2 periods.

He is awesome.


First star for sure

He just scored the aves second goal. Hope he or Sakic gets some more points for me.

Nice few scraps at the end there. That is one thing i love about the avs, if they lose, they'll let you know how they feel about it.

Listening to the scraps on the radio and getting to se them on tv just isn't the same. The announcers were getting pretty hyper about the barnaby/smith fight. Was it any good or were they over doing it?

Yea, lol at Forsberg, I hate it when he socres goals! What was he thinking. Selanne has bee a bust all year long. It was one game. They beat us 6-3 last time we had a series against them, guess who won that series?


Forsberg setting up plays,taking punishment and dishing it out is setting an excellent example. Maybe you should talk to his teammates.

damn looks like the water was all chumed up again tonight and the sharks went to town

Hell yeah!!