Feel Badly: Raze MMA Fight Night

I feel badly for the people involved- since they seem like great guys- Monte, T Jay, Vince, etc.

Why was the turnout so low? MMAWeekly said it only got around 1,500 people? Doesnt Monte get more than that in his small midwest shows?

Also, I'm sure they had to pay Matt and MVA quite a bit of money?

I'm just surprised because I would have thought a show run by that crew could have possibly competed with the attendance numbers of the prior strikeforce.

In anycase, I hope this doesnt deter other organizations from competing in CA.

Not a knock, but having guys like Charlie Kohler, Tiger White, etc.. [local guys] on there would have definately helped draw more people in. But then again ... those types of guys might be tied up to other orgs too?

Maybe cause they only had 7fights? And no San Diego guys.

UFC only puts on 8 fights, and draws 1 mil+ for the gate. Of course UFC has name recognition also.

Local guys would have helped too.

No San Diego guys hardly...
It was just down the street from me and I had really no interest...
Hopefully they come back and use some City Boxing and Lister


was MayheM on hand to promote his next fight?

I'm not sure what else could have been done to promote this card. I'm pretty sure they had TV and radio spots, and it was heavily promoted on the forums and through myspace. What else could they have done differently? Sucks about the turnout.

The answer is simple. Look at the headlining fight. As Baroni eloquently stated, "There's no such thing as a Matt Lindland fan"

The proof is in the pudding!!

They did have TV spots run during the TUF show. There was another Valor MMA event in San Diego yesterday. I wonder how many people showed for that one.

Is there a reason why for some reason that major cards all happen to occur on the same day? There were like 4-5 major events all happening last night. Not saying this was a huge factor, but I can't tell you how many big cards I've seen in Indiana that just happen to fall on the same night as a UFC for example.