Feel Like a Rain Cloud

I've been trying to avoid posting negative threads in here, as I feel like lately, I'm only on here venting about my SO, my failures in life, or just how shitty things have been for me over the last year.


Today's been especially hard... None of my friends have been around lately to talk to and I've been trying to suppress a lot of how I'm feeling from them anyway.


My SO's mother is down and she hates me, it's her (my SO's) graduation today and dinner banquet was the other day.  Cause her mom was down and haven't really gotten along with her friends for the last year or so, I didn't get to participate in any of the festivities.  Feeling really left out and I don't feel like my SO is gonna come to bat for me with her mom and have the difficult conversation of explaining to her mom that I'm not the bad guy that I've been made out to be.  It's been affecting my focus at work and with the politics I've been dealing with at work, plus the added pressure because of it, I'm at my lowest of lows and keep turning to damaging coping strategies (cigar smoking, and copious amounts of weed smoking). 


Anyway, just had to get it out and write this somewhere...


Hope you're all having a great day and winning at life.




- The Egg

I feel you, man.  I don't have any magical advice.  Just wanted to say I hope you feel better.  Wrting things down like you did can sometimes help.