feelin like an a**hole



Flew into LAX from a 20 hr flight.

at some point during the flight I put my laptop down on the floor and crashed the fuck out.

I sleep through the landing as always wake up just as people are departing the plane. I take my time and send a couple of texts to my ride while everyone else exits the plane.

I wasn't in a hurry.  My ride was still about 30 min away.

Anyways, I reach down to get my laptop and it's not there.

Look all around under my seat and every seat around.  No dice, it's gone.

Freak Out mode ensues.  I got alot of irriplacable shit on that laptop.  Last backup was before I left 2 months ago. Fuckkk.

Brain starts racing and I recall the guy next to me. In his 20's, kinda rubbed me the wrong way, never moved his legs the couple of times I said excuse me and went to and from bathroom.

2 stewardesses are looking around for the laptop and no dice.  Some panic sets in and I'm thinking the kid took it.

All the passengers are down at customs by this time and I'm thinking that if the guy had taken it while I wasn't paying attention he would be gone if I didn't act fast.

Ask the stewardess for his name from the manifest and rush down to customs.   First I see some kid who I thought was him and ask to see his ticket to see if he was the guy sitting next to me. He didn't want to show it to me and I'm about to get in his face, till I see his wife & kid next to him and realize it's not him because this guy was solo.

I find the closest customs agent and tell him my situation.  Dude acts very fast and within 5 minutes they find the dude.  Pull him aside, start questioning him and going through his shit.   Dude had a Macbook just like mine but it wasn't it because he was able to log onto it and show some of his pics on the hard drive. 

I wasn't there when they were doing this, the agents just told me after.   Musta been a bit a of a scene for everyone around.

A few minutes later an airline rep finds me and tells me they have the laptop.  Apparently it slid around during the landing and ended up under a seat 12 rows down.

So yeah, I'm feelin like a dumbass and a bit of an asshole.  I looked around for the guy at baggage claim, hoping to apoligize for putting him through all that.   Didn't see him so I moved on.

Still kinda feel like an asshole though.

Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things. Minor inconvience for the guy.  Don't worry about it. 

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well atleast you didn't die in some type of plane crash.. thats a plus



Its FLIGHT ATTENDANT not stewardess you backwards cis gender! TRIGGERED Phone Post 3.0