feels like a miss

ok here is the deal. i have been driving my car for about 2 monthsnow since i finished the engine. the other day as i was driving home it started to act up. at first i thought it was a miss because of the way i sounded when idling but then as i drove it it felt like it would get random bursts of power ( not a lot but enough to feel) also when i take off it jerks a litle and sounds like it is really struggling. like i said it sounds like a really bad miss but i checked all the plugs and wires and they are all fine. i cant figure it out. the only other thing i could think it could be is maybe i got some bad gas or maybe the carb is out of wack. i dunno. can anyone tell me what it soulds like to them? i know it is hard to trouble shoot without actually hearing it or feeling it but any ideas will help. thanks in advance.