FEG I will fight for free.  Yea I have a horrible record spread across 3 different weight classes but I can guarantee at 145 or 155 I will deliver a fight that people at least want to watch whether I'm getting my ass kicked or banging it out with Japan's best.  I just need a hotel room and flight/boat ride/moped there...assign me your own corner men...hell put me up as a stepping stone to Shinya Aoki.  I'll throw with anyone and I'm a free fight for you guys anytime you ask.  Just hit me up antmaneraser1@yahoo.com and I'll fight whoever whenever wherever I just need a way there and place to stay.

 TTT for a free human punching bag? lol

 i have to find a way to japan before I can sleep and fight on the street lol

It's not like they'd pay you anyway even if you ask for money.

 all the more reason to do the thing for free and have some fun

I see what you are doing here! Phone Post