Feijao winning was good for the LHW division

Before Feijao won everyone was saying that there were no match ups for King Mo, Babalu didnt want the fight, the Mousasi rematch wasnt that interesting

Now Feijao gets a great win, a rematch with Kyle should happen to avenge his loss, Feijao vs Mousasi would be a good fight, King Mo rematch down the line, Hendo vs Babalu for the title shot, maybe Roger Gracie gets in the mix, etc...

Much more match ups to make now

i completely agree, Feijao being champ is good for Strikeforce

i just watched Helwani's post event interview with Coker, and it sounds like the Kyle rematch will NOT be Feijaos first title defense

that means Feijao vs Hendo, Babalu, Mousasi are all possible for the next fight, i like all of those match ups

I would like to see Feijap fight Kyle and try and avenge that loss, he was not in great shape for that fight

Feijao was in his best shape ever last night

Feijao vs Mousasi would be a great fight, would be a good stand up fight and interesting clash of styles

I don't know if it was such a good thing. They need a marketable and dominant champ so fans can actually develop some interest in the 205lb division.

If the title keeps switching hands people will have a hard time following who the champ is and how good of a fighter they actually are. Plus it forces Strikeforce on an endless merry-go-round of recycling the same guys into the title picture.

Hendo, Mousasis, and now Mo all are coming off a loss and the only semi-known name they have to put in a title shot is babalu, who was destroyed by mousasi not long ago.