i really need help with my feinting. Any tips/ tricks etc. Anybody have any good feint/punch combos i can practice?

Feint the body mechanics as if you were really throwing the punch. Good fighters watch the body to slip/block oncoming punches. The hands move to fast to give you enough reaction time to slip, so just feint the body mechanics....Say you want to feint a right cross. First, throw a jab, then go halfway through the motions of the cross. Rotate your feet, hips, and shoulders. Extend your hand about 1/4 to 1/2 of the distance to your opponent in the motion of the right cross. If you notice, you're positioning and weight distribution is perfect to throw a left hook....When you've feinted all the motions of the cross and your punch is halfway there, quickly pull back the right hand to cover your face, while simultaneously throwing the left hook.

This is very hard to explain in words, and is easier to understand if you saw it demonstrated....Imagine throwing a basic 1-2-3 combo. The only difference is when throwing the cross, you fake it instead of connect, but the left hook motions directly after the cross are exactly the same as if you feinted the cross...

Another example is Sugar Ray Robinson VS. Gene Fullmer. Robinson would Jab to the head, then cross to the body and dart out...He did this about three times, and on the fourth time, he jabbed Fullmer to the head, feinted the right to the body, and hit Fullmer with a short left hook to the head, knocking him out...

The trick is to make your opponent think one thing, while doing the opposite. Throw repeated 1-2 combos. After a couple of these, jab him, feint the right, and throw a left hook.

Throw a double jab, one jab to the head and one jab to the body. Do this combo a couple times, and then you can do one of two things. A) Jab to the head, then feint jab to the body and throw a left hook upstairs. or B) Throw the jab to the head, and the jab to the body, and immediately after the body jab connects, throw a right cross or overhand right to the head. A good example of this is the second fight between Rafael Marquez and Too Sharp Johnson...

You can also feint a feint...Throw a jab, feint a cross, then throw a hook. Repeat this combo 2 or 3 times, then throw the jab, and then actually throw the cross, then hook. By feinting the cross so many times, he most likely won't bother to dodge/block it since he thinks you're only feinting it, while throwing another hook. When you actually throw it instead of feinting it, he'll never know what hit him, because he's most likely paying attention to the hook that SHOULD be coming. After the right connects, your hook is already on its way, and it could very well lead to the end of a fight. Works a lot better than I thought it would, try it out sometime.

Great post Johnnypockets. Welcome to the boxing forum, btw.

One important note on feints is that you cannot wait for your opponent to react to your feint before you follow-up. By the time you throw the feint, see his reaction, and throw a punch at the opening you've created, he will have already covered up.

Trust in your training.


Establish your jab,then feint the jab throw a straight right. The feint gets you at the right distance for the right hand. ANother one I like is feint the jab and land a left hook to the body. Once again you close the distance with the feint,as you feint you bring your feet in. This one works well for opponents that overcompensate when they parry your jab. Feint the jab left hook to the head. When he goes to parry it will leave him wide open. Those are just a few I like to use.

Thank you very much, glad to finally find a good forum with knowledgable members

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In seriousness though, the boxing forum is much better than it was a couple of months ago.

Very good posts indeed!
Here´s something I´ve been taught so far.
There are 3 basic ways of using feints: changing your speed, rhythm and distance. The mechanics of feints are the same as throwing punches for real and staying relaxed is also very important.
Get his attention with your jab early on, then lull him into safety with slower, relaxed jab feints and then catch him with a sudden change of speed.
Changing the rhythm: throw 2-3 jabs in a steady rhythm, make a short pause and throw another punch. I think it´s called syncopation, or somesuch.
Distance: throw some punches, but stop them short to conceal your range. My coach always says: "Let him think you´re a chump and you can´t hit him!" When he thinks he´s out of your range, catch him right there.

johny pockets the firts post helped alot. I like the jab, fake the cross, hook combo.

Glad to help :)