Feitosa Gracie Barra USA speaking

Hey guys
Its Feitosa speaking.Im glad to be here teaching at the Gracie Barra USA.
Ive been in United States many times before and i have had an oportunity to lead one american team before.I havent done this because i didnt feel like i was ready .
Now i bilieve the time has arrive.Ill do my best to build a strong competition team with the same sense of family that i have learn during all this years studing under master Carlos Gracie jr orientation.
Iwould like to invitate you guys to step by the school.

See you...keep learning.

Gracie Barra USA phone number: 949 951 4796

ttt for marcio feitosa...
didn't know you were opening a gym in so. cal...
for tubarao... 949 is a so cal (orange county i believe) area code...

i had the pleasure of getting to help edit your instructional videos for bjjtapes.com but haven't had the pleasure of meeting you... although i was impressed with the footage you supplied for your videos...

anyway... best of luck...

Marcio do you have an email address where you can be reached?

ttt for Marcio and Gracie Barra!!!


Marcio is the man!

-Steve Whittier



Hey Marcio, this is Raspado from Eduardo de Lima's school in Tampa.  Good luck to you and come back to Florida if you get a chance!

Raspado, Does your school have a website? It looks like it is down...

Marcio will you be living and teaching in the U.S. now?


Marcio, we need you come up and do another seminar!

Hope everything is going well.


Unfortunately the website is down right now. 

Yes the web site is under construction its :www.graciebarrausa.com

Yes im living and teaching at Lake Forest.

My email adress is: feitosagb@yahoo.com.br i might change soon when our web site is done