Felice vs. Tecia Torres at next Invicta!

These are by far my two favorite WMMA fighters to watch. Been a fan of Felice's since the Fight Girl days, and Tecia has impressed the heck out of me since I came across her ammy fights on Youtube before her Invicta days.

Both are exciting, both are great strikers, both have solid ground games, both are incredibly fan-friendly, and both are adorable.

But more than that, both have shown some love to our boy Frank in his fight against cancer...


I can't wait for this fight...though I'll be secretly hoping it's declared a draw and they both get FOTN bonuses!

Thanks to Invicta for once again putting together a great card all around.




ps: If anyone wants to pick up a print of the portraits I've done of either Tecia or Felice, they start at just $10 apiece and 50% of all proceeds will be donated to #FranksFight. You can order them HERE.



Marry me Felice.

Be Like Bas.....................and spank Felice's butt.