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check out Felicia Oh's blog at feliciaoh.blogspot.com. Good stuff.

Felicia rules.

felicia is the bomb..

She is also a great teacher, if you have a chance to take a class or private lesson from her. Especially if you find yourself rolling a lot with people heavier than you, she knows how to play that game well. No ego, good sense of humor.

nice blog

I hate her.

Great read...blogs are the way forward!

Does she show us her "Oh" face? Just kidding...I've trained with her at a seminar and she's awesome.

Wutang, why do you hate her? Because she makes you do a perfect box squat during kettlebell swings and two days later you can't walk, the inside of your legs are so sore?

Felicia ROCKS!

Wonderful blog Oh! You're now in my favorites :)

nice blog!

egrbvr -

Is this who I think it is? You know how to use the internets?

jjd -

Sorry about not getting together with you to train over the holidays.... I'll be back in May. I definately want to come out to train.

I took a private lesson from F.O. last Sunday and she also had a small kettlebell class and corrected my form and I WAS crippled for several days after. So now I have greatly lowered my reps!

Does that help pierce the mystery of different i.d's on this forum and That Other Forum?

I got to meet some of the "gang" too, a great group of people. But I was a little hesitant to roll with the gang after my private lesson...I'll probably drive back down on MLK weekend. The talent in that little pond is pretty deep.

Are you the Wutang who spent New Years in Vegas?

I'm getting an idea, will probably get felicia to tell me as I wasn't there last sunday.

Not vegas. My butt was stuck on the plane crossing over the timezone. lol

From: Wutang

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"I hate her."

ha ah

"From: Wutang Date: 01/03/07 08:52 PM Member Since: 07/18/2005 1269 Total Posts Ignore User

"I hate her."

ha ah "

At least someone got my humor. :)

felicia is good peeps...

met her and her husband in aruba when they were married there... we hung out and nearly got lost in the middle of nowhere... i mean, really middle of nowhere...

hope they are doing well.

Felicia has the sars, she tried to kill me with it yesterday.

Glad people are enjoying it. I've been a little slow lately with this SARS and
all...but hopefully I'll get back to it soon.
Go read Andre's for a while and then check back ;)

Thanks for the support!