Felipe Costa Online Training

I love it! He had a free one day trial on Facebook so I gave it a shot. Now I'm hooked.

The video quality and angles are lacking a bit but if you can get beyond that, it's a great site. He teaches so damn well; makes me realize how much of noob I still am. He gives excellent clear instruction and the content is very diverse. Cumprido also teaches a bunch of techniques on there and will probably do more. Felipe said he's been adding new material at a rate of 2 videos a week.

I've already added 2 awesome tricks to my game from there and am learning how to teach better by just copying him.

Felipe has kindly provided a code just for us. Try out the site with: ATAMAFORUM

Brazilian Black Belt Online

Thanks a lot for the nice testimonial.
I have been adding an average of 2 courses a week, each course has at least 3 techniques, often more.
If anyone want to try, once you register, you already have free access to first technique of every course.
If it's not enough for you, please let me know and I will send a code so you can have access to all techniques for 24hrs.
All feedbacks are welcome, we are working very hard to make this a good source for everyone!

I'm gonna check this out shortly. Phone Post 3.0

2 courses a week is way more than 2 videos a week! Great site Felipe.

Also how cool is it to have a world champ here :)

Thanks :) I made a code special for the readers of the forum.
Just register and use the code: ATAMAFORUM
That will give access to all courses and techniques. Let me know if you try, feedbacks are very welcome. BrazilianBlackBelt.com

Very cool!!! Will definitely check it out. Phone Post

ttt for Felipe.

Yesterday I started trying out the reverse half guard from the top, the way you show it. Awesome. Still having a tough time getting to leg drag position from there but I'm starting to see the light. Love the way you free up your arm holding the leg!

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