Felipe Pena vs Gordon Ryan IV countdown

For some reason I think Pena takes this.

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I don’t think Pena has anything for Gordon. I honestly can’t believe he’s agreed to do another match.

It’s also hilarious AJ has somehow managed to insinuate himself into the situation.


No fucking way.

Didn’t you think Nicky Rod would beat him too?

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You’re being too vague, what are you inserting about AJ?

I think Gordon destroys pena here, would have rather seen Nicky vs pena. That would be a more compelling matchup.


AJ is training with Pena now and Gordon commented that AJ is a rat who goes wherever the shit is. I just think it’s funny how one of the most disliked guys in BJJ has somehow become involved in this massive, hyped-up grudge match.

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Gordon is like Dom Cruz vs Alpha male. Someone will eventually get the win. It will not be Pena.

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I did. He gave him hell.

Gordon’s out and Nicky Rod is in.

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A much better match. Gordon said he had some stomach issues, fever, diarrhea. But I’m pretty sure he recently posted being out at a restaurant? Not saying he’s faking it but just kind of odd


He was on Schaub’s food truck podcast eating a cheeseburger and fries a few days ago.