Fell for a bipolar 19 yr old, but men in the a $$

Literally....that crazy cunt took a chunk out of my gluteus maximus.

Was getting head and asked to get myass eaten after an inspiring thread started here....she gave me this strange look and said, "sure....turn around". Thought it was the real deal until I felt this large vicious clamp of teeth take a chunk out of my ass cheek.

At the ER now....awaiting to get 34 stitches and have a pain in my ass.

  • bit me in the ass...sorry. in pain.

took a chunk out of my gluteus maximus.. . Lol

She has a sense of humor.

Where did you meet and how do you know shes bipolar?

so the men in your ass are keeping the 19 year old out? I'm fucking lost here

does she have rabies? might want to get that bite checked out before body parts start falling off

But men in the ass, indeed OP.  I think that's an idea we can all get behind.

Haven't even read the other thread, but I'll go 6.5/10. 













of your butt