Fellow Prison Guard got stabbed...

Co worker Got Stabbed & punched in the face Monday..when im not Training or fighting im working @ the ALLred Unit in Wichita Falls TX. Maximum Security Prison over 3500 inmates in from being true axe murders rapest child molesters and baby rapers and everything u can imagine..i have alot of fun interesting stories but this is pretty serious..i have respect for some and few inmates at our prison and talk to them and they give me the scoop on the word on the farm..well i was working a inmate i respect talk to is the punisher for the Mandigo warriors i know him pretty well interesting guy straight up gang banger in for 5 counts of murder but claims to have gotten away with over 12..i was doing my count and he had a note for the srgt.i told him i wasent his mailman and to hold the note and give it to him at breakfast he through a fit banging his door i usely ingore shit like that but i knew the inmate and knew he is straight up and dosent play games..he whispperd to me and said there is a hit out for an officer..so i was like ok gave the kite to srg..so my ass is coverd if it happens its on the srg..later that night and inmate yelled at me Maxwell come hollar at me i put him off and was like ill be there in a min well i finally went up there and he was like man maxwell shit is fixent to get wild be careful i was like o yeah..so the next day in our 30 min meeting before turnout capt said guys we need to talk about something GI Gang intelligence has a note saying there is gonna be a hit for 3 officers and raping a female boss be on the look out..when i was working i talked to a few inmates that night everything was quite to quite all night iwas gald it was our Friday..i came home told my wife what all was going on and what the inmates talked about well a few hours later when i was at home officer got punched and stabbed with a homade knife "shank" officer is doing ok from what i heard and the inmates have 2 more to go and raping afemale boss..i go back to work friday night and will keep yall updated ..hope you liked the story Jason Maxwell

1 maybe you can correct it.

2 if you was a coon ass texan u could prolly made sense out of it..

3 sorry ! Jmax

Im a coon ass texan so I understood it. Pretty scary going to work friday I bet.

That is scary, I hope he recovers. I bet you're wife will worry even more every time you go to work........

Can somebody translate this?? I don't speak what it is that he speaks. Sounds sort of interesting though, I guess.

Jason, Watch your six... As a law enforcement officer for the last 13 years I've grown to understand that INTEL is everything. If the Perp tells you something is going down "it's going down" never pass over that shit lightly. I'm an Instructor at the Federal Law Enforcement Center in Georgia and I teach an officer mindset and Situational awareness class. One of the things I stress is that if INTEL is received on a potentially bad situation then you have to prepare for it like "IT WILL HAPPEN". Why wasn't the watch changed to two man teams (Contact and Cover)? I know it's not your fault your just one of the "Troops", but sometimes I feel that supervisors ignore shit way too long and then before you know it you have a "powder keg" about to explode...
Good luck Buddy and remember the "Cons" are never your friend they are only a source of INTEL...

Damn! Sorry to hear about the officer. I've always thought that would be an interesting job. But getting shanked.... Good thing I'm in the finance field!

Damn Jason...I don't know what to say. I just wouldn't want to be in your position! I hope that you are being paid well for what you do! :)

I can't read that. I want to, but goddamn.

Sorry to hear about that. I've got a couple of cousins that work Pelican Bay in CA which is another badass max security. They're always telling stories of people getting jacked up. In fact they both were on duty a couple of years ago when there was a riot and about a dozen guards got the total shit kicked out of them, luckily none of them died.

sinister minister,

I jacked my knee up pretty bad in traing yesterday so i had to e-mail monkey and tell him I could not do it. I was trying to get out of an ankle lock...Anyway I have a doctors appt. tomorrow. I still want to go up there and see the fights even if I'm not in it..


How long you been FLETC for? I have done some training for people who later went on to be staff there(mostly from USMS).


jason i had no idea u were a CO!!! lol

I've been an instructor at FLETC since 11/30/03, I first came through the Academy as a student 03/17/1996

I've been through the:

Mixed basic Police course,
Immigration Basic,
Quick response team training,
Fugitive operations I,
Fugitive operations II,
Defensive tactics instructor,
Expandable Baton Instructor,
OC spray instructor,

Siniter Minister I do hope to meet you up there. This is the first knee injury I have ever had. Even with all the crazy shit I did in the military and since then I never had a problem with my knees (now my backs another story)

Thanx for sharing the story with us. More please, lol.

thet was a awsome story thanks alot bob

Kid thanks for the advice..jmax

No problem Jason

nice story-- keep us updated