Felony Fights

Hey guys, not sure if any of you read any of the other forums on this site. But not so long ago there were thread all about felony fights and how brutal they were etc. But no one actually had a link to any felony fights, well heres one.

And I warn you it is pretty hard core.


shit that is hardcore....... I can't believe his teeth didn't fall out. Any more???

That is so brutal, makes me feel quite ill seeing guys get beat down on after they have already passed out. How bad were those two drop knees ?

Justees put up a 2 on 2 from felony fights a couple of weeks back, and there a chick fights on there too. Pretty nasty.


big ko right here!!!

they really need to get "BIG" John Mcarthy in there


I've seen one of them and pretty much wish I hadn't.

I support MMA but that shit is fucked up!