Female boxer defeats her third male opponent

Patricio Manuel, the female boxer signed with a major boxing promoter Oscar De La Hoya with Golden Boy Promotions, has once again defeated cisgender men in a professional boxing fight, increasing her record to 3 – 0.**

Manuel made history in 2018 when she became the first female to fight in a professional boxing fight against a cisgender man. She won her first fight in 2018 with Mexican boxer Hugo Aguilar. Unfortunately, Manuel and her promoter found it difficult to find opponents, keeping her inactive until this year in March

On Thursday last week (Friday NZ time), Manuel took on American boxer Alexander Gutierrez and dominated every round. However, Manuel received the first cut of her career when an accidental head clash happened in the fourth and last round. Manuel won the fight by unanimous decision winning every round on the judge’s scorecards



They are superior

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Edit out that fag word

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Im no boxing expert, but it looks like they have him/her fighting against smaller fighters

What’s the end game here? Why not fight other women and dominate them if she’s so good?

Patricio is a male name jajaja

Because she is a propaganda tool. Something to counter the arguments of sane people who say that that women (trans men?) never try to take on men in athletic contests.

So they find small framed homeless guys who can’t box, pay them a few bucks and put them in the ring with her.