Female cops save the day


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Help me understand what we are seeing here

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No words.

The women didn’t have the heart to shoot the suspect. Women don’t do well as cops 

Was mad at the small one cop. Then the other cop at the end, after rushing to the door stays inside, at least for a bit and watches her partner. These both are weak. Sad

While women don’t do well as cops, it would be silly to think their behavior was not influenced by their chief, mayor and governor not having their back. Probably thought they were likely to catch a case by stopping that robbery. 

The three stooges.

btw, that guy needed a fucking knee on the neck. Don’t let a single event ruin it for all the other situations.

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She just went outside to get a selfie.

That video needs benny hill music.

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Lmao at inclusion. Yeah men and woman are equal . Just watch an NBA game then a WNBA game and that will without a doubt show men and woman are not equal. So why do we go along with this narrative being pushed on society? This fallacy could have cost lives in this situation- thank god it didn’t. I will say that there needs to be certain physical attributes that a law officer must possess to be a cop or you end of with this. That also goes for men as well. Sorry you can’t be 5’1 and be an effective cop.

Women shouldn't be cops

Weak men shouldn't be cops 

This would be great in the women being terrible thread! 

A GIF maker anyone?

Pretty sure that perp was ventilated by male cops when he tried to leave