Female Fan Freaks Out After Meeting Nate Diaz


Well jeez can you blame them?

Lol he even had to say "I have a girlfriend".

That girl had zero intention of letting go haha

she raped his bicep


Good 4 Nate!

My wife met nick and Nate at a strike force event (the one in Nashville when it rained a fuckton). They were extremely polite and nice and took pics and signed shit and everything. Perfect gentlemen til you cross that line

damn. she's hot too.

He loves it! Good for him!

Chromium - 

Well jeez can you blame them?

Exactly. I would be way less excited to meet Maywhether or some other celeb. Matter of fact I could care less if Maywhether was standing next to me in line at the supermarket. But if it was one of the Diaz bros then WHOOA!

I would do the same thing. It'd get weird fast. 

Are both brothers always doing the punching motions? Lol

Trusty black t-shirt. Always a win.