Female fighter input please...

Female fighters, their trainers, managers, and corner people, I'm meeting with the N.D. Secretary of States office and the ND MMA Commission on Saturday to go over the proposed rules and regulations that are to come into effect in North Dakota.

I need input on the following:

At weigh in's, is there a reason for either a "breast" or "pelvis" exam to check for "masses"?

Quote:"2. The examination shall include the following: ...

k. for female participant's pelvis and the breasts with notation of any masses."

then in the same section is:

"l. A female participant must submit to an Early Pregnancy Testing (EPT) and will not be allowed to fight during a menstrual period;"

Also, what is your opinion on this:

"72-02.2-01.1-17 Proper Appearance and Attire.


  1. Female participants shall wear a breast protector and groin protector and male participants shall wear a protection cup;"

If you would rather, you can email your responses to me at ethanboyle@cableon.net

Thank you a lot.

Have you solicited the opinion of doctors on these questions as well?

Macedawgg, good call!

Doctors, I need you input too please, if any, let me know that you are one and your creditials if you will. Thank you

I don't understand the pelvis and breast exam for masses since I don't think that fighting causes cancer in these areas... or else where for that matter.

As far as the rule for "Early Pregnancy Testing (EPT) and will not be allowed to fight during a menstrual period." this mentions nothing of exceptions for surgically sterile woman (guys if you don't know what that means just google it.).

"breast protector and groin protector". I have no idea if breast size matters here for the chest protector, or if it's just a nuisance and not needed, or anything on the matter. And the groin protector... do they even make such a thing? And what would it be protecting...? The labia? The female pubic bone?

Please keep it respectful and thanks for the input.

ttt for input, thank you.

The period part is bizarre.

The pregnancy bit makes sense.

I don't think boxing requires breast protectors, so why should MMA?

The groin protection for guys is obvious. Way less obvious why women would need one? Hurts to get hit in the nose, too, but fighting in motorcycle helmets is kind a problematic?

The breast mass I guess makes sense a little, but if they are not requiring male fighters to get their testicles checked too, then it smacks of unneccesary sexist nonsense. I have no idea what the pelvis masses are about, and am pretty sure they don't either.

All in all, the requirements do not appear to be drawn up by a competent organisation.

I am baffled by this. Get yourselves some new govornment offials please!

It was taken from the State's boxing language. No unreasonable that it could be changed.


It's not the Gov. Officials, these are just proposals so far.

Concerning the female stuff, I have no idea about. My wife, Darlene Boyle, has fought three times so far and is up to speed on being a woman finds this stuff so far objectionable. BUT, we are still looking for expert testimony and consensus on these matters.

Again, thank you for your input.


I would assume that they are just requiring a yearly breast exam and pap test just as in the blood tests. What do other states require?

These are nevadas regulations, they require the same things.

NAC 467.568  Female unarmed combatants. (NRS 467.030)

     1.  A female unarmed combatant shall not engage in a contest or exhibition with a male unarmed combatant.

     2.  In addition to meeting such requirements of this chapter as are applicable to unarmed combatants generally, a female unarmed combatant shall:

     (a) Use a mouthpiece that has been fitted for her mouth;

     (b) Wear a breast protector as a binder;

     (c) Have her hair secured in a manner that does not interfere with the vision or safety of either unarmed combatant;

     (d) Use a minimum of cosmetics; and

     (e) For each contest or exhibition in which she competes, have two uniforms in contrasting colors, with each uniform consisting of a body shirt, blouse and shorts.

     3.  Before each bout in which a female unarmed combatant is scheduled to compete, the female unarmed combatant shall provide to the Commission an original or certified copy of the result of a medical test taken not later than 1 week before the day of the bout which shows that the combatant is not pregnant. The Commission will not permit a female unarmed combatant to compete if she:

     (a) Is determined to be pregnant; or

     (b) Fails to comply with this subsection.

     4.  The promoters of a contest or exhibition between female unarmed combatants shall provide them with adequate separate dressing rooms.

     5.  The annual physical examination of a female unarmed combatant must include an examination of the pelvis, the abdomen and the breasts, and the notation of any masses.

     [Athletic Comm'n, § 85 and female boxers, eff. 4?25?78]--(NAC A 12?13?82; 12?2?97; R083?00, 9?22?2000)

  Now that ive looked further north dakotas :

k. for female participant's pelvis and the breasts with notation of any masses.

Should be replaced with Nevadas:

5.  The annual physical examination of a female unarmed combatant must include an examination of the pelvis, the abdomen and the breasts, and the notation of any masses.


I didn't get the mail, please try again: ethanboyle@cableone.net

thank you.

ill inspect for masses, BUT im quitting if I find a carrot and some nuts!


I have two arms...

Like I emailed, the pregnancy test thing is okay, but the other exam is unnecessary, as are breast protectors and groin protectors, I think. The period thing isn't fair or reasonable since it doesn't endanger anyone or affect anything.

The period thing is not fair? What do you mean? Fair to who? Guys don't have the problem, and what if a woman don't want to be triangled by a woman who is bleeding through.

What about decision making and emotional problems associated with the period. What about cramping? Do we have to institute a new way to win due to "that time of the month"?

I don't care either way, but I don't think fairness has anything to do with it. I think it is seen as an issue and that is how it was dealt with.

Maybe you could be more specific?


And I hope those statements are not out of line. I am a guy and don't know a thing about periods, lol.


Okay, fine, it effects stuff. I've heard of women gassing sooner, and bursting into tears before and after fighting, etc etc. But there is no danger. It's just hormones. And if women use protection, there is no "bleeding through." and cramping sucks for THEM. (er, us...) and yes, it's painful and sucks but not dangerous.

Fair in the regards that we can't control when we have it? So if we train for 5 months for a fight and then OH TODAY I GOT MY PERIOD, no fighting for me! That's not fair. :P