Female fighters should be sexually objectified!

I will almost certainly get criticized by female fighters for this, but put you emotions aside for a minute and THINK about what I am saying. You may just realize that I'm on your side.

Every single time men comment about how cute a woman fighter is, or comment on how good her ass looks in spandex, there is always a ton of complaints (often from men too), that we are not respecting women fighters. We are only judging them by looks. Women should be judged by exactly the same criteria as male fighters.

This is a terrible idea, and any normal 130 lb fit woman should realize this. If you are judged by the same criteria as men, who do you think will win EVERY SINGLE womans boxing, kickboxing, MMA or BJJ match? Women who are almost MEN! Roid freaks, or 6ft 250 lb giant slobs who are only huge because they are pre-diabetic & have high IGF-1 levels.

Girly, feminine, NORMAL women will never, ever win against the roid freaks with 4" clits & beards, or female versions of Akibono.

If womens MMA is going to not be a freakshow, then the women have to be.....women!

Women's MMA is for women, not MMA for men who also happen to have vaginas (Cyborg). If women want to become hormonaly male, that's fine. But they should compete in the male divisions.

Flame away, but I'm showing respect to real women fighters here, women who both fight and wish to be feminine; Rousey, Larosa, Tate, etc.

I'm aware of the Humeian distinction between "is" and "ought".

In this case I'm arguing that what is, is also what ought to be. Guys notice & like females. I personally like watching them fight. The prettier the better, but they also must have skills. I'm just saying that if we judge womens combat sports by EXACTLY the same criteria as male combat sports, it is a disaster for NORMAL females.

 Female fighters usually objectify themselves by posing for pictures that resemble a struggling model in a seedy basement doing a shoot for rent money.

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warez - ultimatesurrender.com, IMO.

 I love that site