female fights in the ufc?

i would like to see some females getting their talent in to the octagon...

Myself, I want to see talent. I don't want to see strippers looking to make extra money and fake fighting.

tito is that you?

im jk huntingtonpunk cool username though

No offense to the ladies here, but I'd much rather see quality male fighters in the ring. P4P males are much stonger and faster than females. It is not a question of sex, but it's like watching 2 poor-quality male fighters go at it.

It's the same reason I'd never go to a WNBA game.

thas not true there is some true female athletes out there and girls sure do know how to draw attraction with there cat fights too just remember the tyson undercard "kristy martin" their is exciting mma girls out there

If you're impressed by "cat fights", then maybe it's for you.

I'm not.

I watch for quality competition.

Christy Martin is NOT exciting. Lucia Ryker, Bridgit "babydoll" Reilly. these are exciting fighters.

Martin was never anything but Don King's attempt at making some money off women's boxing imho.

She ducked people worse than Tito. She did have some skills but she was never what she was made out to be.

I don't dislike her but seriously, she fought people who went down for her and had far less ability.


I will take Jennifer Howe over any of your ladies from SoCal(I live in California by the way)Dont get me wrong,all of the ladies that you mentioned are outstanding.Did you miss the Howe/Neff fight in the IFC?<br><br>Anyways,<br><br>I wont be betting with my heart,I will be betting with my head.

No need to get pissed.It`s just a simple bet.

b52 i mean 47,im not saying a cat fight is better than watchin the quality guys go at it but i just think it would be cool to have some of the more talented female fighters out there a name...

Let's see women in the UFC

Have any of you guys seen Judy Neff?(She was Un-defeated before she met Jennifer) Her arms are bigger then Jens Pulvers.I have the poster right here to prove it.

Jennifer is Un-defeated(11-0, I think?) and trains with Team Extreme/MFS.When I was in Boise Idaho for the IFC show,she was also Jeremy Horn`s girlfriend at the time.I wonder if that helps?(Sarcasm)

My wife was 4-0 when she fought Howe and is now 6-1. I believe the following women have at least a handfull of fights each: Manuela Wilp, Nicole Anaya, Amanda Buckner, Tara Larosa, Judy Neff. Remeber the records listed on the web are not always accurate.


Regardless of whether or not most of Howe's opponents were good, she beat Neff. And no one can deny that Neff is a tough fighter.

Howe is great. Marloes Coenen is another great female fighter who hasn't been mentioned yet, but it seems she may be retired. She hasn't fought in a long time. IIRC, I heard she was concentrating on school.

Does anyone remember that really ghetto fighting organization that also had an octagon but it was all girl fighting? I seen a video really long ago and cant remember the name...

Howe has my vote for best female mma'er. That said it doesnt belong in the ufc untill there are enough A class fighters to support a weight class, which there is not. Hell the ufc cant even deal with as many weight classes as the currently have.



I was trying to save myself some time by not looking up all of her opponents records because to me,at this point in her career thats not important.The important thing is that we have a bet when Jennifer fights any of the the 3 ladies that you mentioned.

"It is not a question of sex, but it's like watching 2 poor-quality male fighters go at it."

yeah but some times 2 B level fighters put on a better show then 2 A level fighters. The Hook n Shoot all femal DVD (revoltuion) was pretty sweet. Great fights