Female-fronted metal/rock thread 2021

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Angela > Alyssa

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Great voice on this chick. Decent guitar solo, too.

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Triosphere - Norwegian prog/power with a female lead/bassist.


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Folk metal. Can only listen to a few songs before I get overwhelmed but this is hands down the best band I’ve ever seen live. They have a guy singer that usually does most of the songs but I think this chicks voice is awesome.

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Big Brave is the last band that grabbed my attention on bandcamp. Two ladies playing in that one.

My daughter loves Lizzy Hale.

I can’t believe nobody posted Lacuna Coil or Arch Enemy

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Johan > ^

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Like 6 post above yours people posted arch enemy.

Old Arch Enemy not with Alyssa


LA Witch is real good

Missed them when they came through town. I did like the few tunes I heard.

Jinjer is really solid IMO, nice complete band.



Edit, not sure how to post links with a preview image. Or delete a post. :man_shrugging:t4:

This band showed up on my Facebook page today so I thought that I would post it.


My bad I should have added Lacuna Coil.


Wye Oak used to be more rock. I dig this whole album.

Dorothy is good.