Female-fronted metal/rock thread 2021

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A new one from BW released last week.

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I can’t recall if I’ve ever gotten a tingling sensation up the spine listening to someone sing, but this damn chick (Floor Jansen) is hands down one of, if not the best voices I’ve ever heard,male or female. I’m not even into this particular genre of music or metal (operatic/ prog metal? :thinking:) but the musicianship and overall talent of this band, in general, is outstanding.
And she is just in a league of her own. If you haven’t heard this chick, you’re missing out.


Cool Japanese all chick rock band. The drummer is ridiculously good.

I was one of the very few Nightwish fans who was elated when it was announced she was joining the band. As great as Tarja was, I thought Floor would be a better fit due to her versatility. (I don’t even count Anette, her vocals did nothing for me)

The woman can sing any-fucking-thing. Her version of “Shallow” destroys Lady Gaga’s.