Female MMA Amateur Needed for Fri in Atlanta

I've had two fighters drop out and I'm looking for a female Amateur MMA to fight Krissa Timbs this Friday, Feb 5 in Atlanta on the Wild Bill's Fight Night show.

She was dropping to 135, but now can be about 140-145 and she is 0-1.

Hepatitis B and C tests within 180 days are needed.

If interested, please email me at dave@UndisputedProductions.com

Thank you.

I thought Krissa was 1-0. Didn't she submit her first opponent?

I wrote down 0-1 in my notes, but I might be incorrect. I looked on the database here and couldn't find her name.

So.....I'm looking for a 140-145 opponent for Krissa Timbs for this Friday night in Atlanta. She's either 1-0 or 0-1....lol