for tampa amatuer show may 11 weight between 110-135. our fighter is 120 with a record of 1-0. will give money for travel expenses and hotel. please call dan at 352-263-0591 asap.


i fight female muay thai fighters but unfortunately im 6'2 230

Who's show is this?


Get a hold of Thiago Azeredo @ Stian Gym in Arizona. www.sitangymaz.com

may 11th? that's like tomorrow... i'll try to make a few calls..

arizona is a little far i think he was trying to find someone within driving range.

it is very very short notice. it is just so hard to get women to fight. tara has had only one fight, but has had four fights set up. she is getting very frustrated. any help is greatly appreciated

Call the Xyience Training Center in Las Vegas--they've got a couple of awesome girl there!

702-838-8008, talk to Jeff or John, they'll know who to connect you with.


we all get frustrated..she had four people back out??
that really sucks

Is it possible to put it on another card in the future. I can ask my coach if i can fight her although I usually fight around 130.

this might be the last fight she has for a little while. she and her husband are adopting a child next month and she knows she will not be able to put as much time into training as she is now.




can I fight if I wear a wig?