Female Pick Pockets Work The Streets Of Colombia

The lesson here is not to travel in Colombia carrying a bag or backpack – or pants with pockets for that matter.

On a related note, I forget where it was but police realized that there were official looking "Beware of Pick Pocketers" signs up that they hadn't put up in that area. Turns out pick pockets were putting up the signs, because when the average tourist sees the sign, they check to make sure they still have their wallet. So the pick pockets would sit back and watch to see where the person carries their wallet, and then go after them. The signs apparently have the affect of making a pick pocket's job easier, not harder

Central and South America are overrated. Of course there are beautiful places, especially if you have money. But if you have money in the first place why would you choose to come here when Europe is twice as amazing?

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I almost got pick pocketed in Colombia. My pockets were really deep and I felt something really quick and tried to grab the hand( I was in a HUGE crowd). I didn't catch the person but my wallet was still in my right front pocket. Literally 30 second later a guy from the hostel I was staying at yelled," someone knocked my ducking wallet!"...pretty sure it was this old unassuming guy who people would just overlook. Phone Post 3.0

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