Female Soccer player hires masked thugs to beat up teammate competing for playing time

They look like they’ve both been beaten with the ugly stick


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Is the second picture post assault? She looks like she took some aldo leg kicks

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She’s black so she deserves to play at least 50% of the time.

goddamn, the ugliest french women in history.

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How’s a soccer player have nasty legs like that?

If the order of those pictures were reversed this would be international front page news


Yeah bro, thats how God designed lesbians, he grants them good athletic ability but makes them ugly as hell.

No woman has good athletic ability

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Well, good athletic ability compared to normal women…

I was hoping this would be about Rapinoe.

Didn’t she learned anything from Tanya Harding / Nancy Kerrigan

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Ironically, the victim resembles Tonya.

Are you this harsh on parolympians or the special Olympics?

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1st thing that came to mind

Was that harsh?