Female soccer pro comes out as a man

But still playing women’s soccer.
I would love to hear the justification.

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So crazy how depressed, confused individuals who’s life priority was to have a sex change just so they could make sense of reality also at the same exact time aspire to become professional athletes. Like beyond fucking insanity to anyone who actually rationalizes this.

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Reading that gave me a headache with all the plural nouns. It’s like you have to retrain your brain to be grammatically incorrect. Having said that, that’s a confused female.


So since she’s decided that she wants to be considered a man by society, why doesn’t she try out for the men’s soccer team?

Maybe women who want to be considered men should try out for college or Olympic level sports and see how that goes?

I wonder if their stats will reflect their self-identity?

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To Carl Nassib and Kumi Yokoyama – two prominent, inspiring athletes who came out this week: I’m so proud of your courage. Because of you, countless kids around the world are seeing themselves in a new light today," Biden tweeted.

Ha, there won’t be any kids with this mindset.

It physically disgusts me that that pedo in chief is talking about kids in that manner.

There is no such thing as a transgender child.

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Wait. If she now a he but plays with the shes, then does that mean they’re not recognizing her hisness? Misgendering?

And if they ain’t misgendering, then they’re allowing a ‘real’ he to play with the shes, so what’s to stop other hes from playing on the shes teams?

So why the fuck segregate teams by sex at all?


But America is so oppressive!!

He gets a raise!


Carl Nassib came out as gay not trans. Or are you saying you also do not like gay people?

What are you even talking about? He posted a quote from the president, and he said he doesnt think kids will feel that way.

He didnt say he doesnt like anyone. Dont you ever sass RhinoHog again punk!


I didn’t realize he posted a quote from the president. That’s on me for not reading that part, my bad.
I will say he never said he doesn’t feel kids will feel that way. He said there won’t be any kids.
Maybe I read into what he said.

Yea and don’t call me punk.

Too late for that! You deserved it for giving attitude to old man rhino. You should feel ashamed for trying to pick on a old geezer, and just accept that you deserved it!

Who said I didn’t like anyone. 8 said if everyone is gay and Trans there will be no more children.

Good work KJr.

As a strong young bull, I feel it is only right that I defend the elderly! I was just doing what’s right!


This proves my theory that

soccer is gay


This happened with a tennis player back in the 70’s. Renee Richards had sex reassignment surgery from female to male, but fought to still compete in female division.
I certainly don’t think anyone has transitioned in order to have an advantage in sports. I also haven’t seen a single case where the person involved wants to compete in the men’s division.

Yeah, either way of transition, they want to play against women. Duh…
Most are uncoordinated as fuck.

Check the thread on girls being terrible.