Female subway worker pistol whips robber with his own gun, gets suspended

i support that woman

She should have shot him.

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in the pp

Woman defends herself and prevents store from being robbed. Gets suspended.

Sounds about right for liberal America.

The only piece missing is the robber suing the woman for assault and battery.


Clearly, Subway is more worried about her not wearing a mask.
They cannot allow such rebellion observed amongst their staff!

Subway is trash. Terrible food. That pedo Jared. Then the anti-America dyke Rapinhoe. Now this.

Worst sandwich in the game.

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A microcosm for this country going down the drain.

Promote criminals and pay their bail, promote america hating dykes and punish victims for defending themselves.

Fuck off subway.

Great, let’s keep fostering a culture in which people cant defend themselves

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If I owned a security company or Jimmy John’s in the area I would be publicly offering this girl a job. Free publicity.

This story reminds me of a story years ago about Geico insurance paying to for the defense attorneys for a guy that murdered one of their customers so they wouldn’t have to pay out as much.

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Reminds me of the time that woman got fired from Best Buy for trying to stop a shoplifter and then Dana White flew her out to Vegas to work security for a UFC event.


She was game in the clinch. Once they got some separation she was a little timid. But she had way more situational awareness than her assailant.

She’s pretty bad ass.

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Seems the issue is with putting the video on the internet, so who did it?