Feminist plan for demonstration at Trump Tower

What the fuck?!? Also, is this chick related to EY?


I'm into that sort of thing, so I might make the trip up.

tired lol. read evil yoshida and thought, 'wtf, ey is a chic?!?'

Somebody's mouth is getting used as a toilet.

Who wouldn't show up for a river of piss?

yusul -

tired lol. read evil yoshida and thought, 'wtf, ey is a chic?!?'

I'd still rape both of them. 

Classy... why is there such a lack of decency anymore?

yusul -

tired lol. read evil yoshida and thought, 'wtf, ey is a chic?!?'

This is definitely EY

Tweet is misleading. She wants a perimeter around the protesters. #GoldenShower@GoldenTower

Imagine how far we have fallen that this is acceptable, encouraged, and celebrated.

Kids today have no great war, no civil rights movement to protest, and with constant handouts via not only welfare but safe spacing and parents taking care of kids until they are 35 this is where we are.

A nation with a huge vocal minority of degenerate, lazy, entitled babies.


Only if she agrees to be nude....and gets peed on

I'll take a pass on standing in a river of piss 

This hoe is going to end up pissing on trump tower by herself, with no one even noticing.

This is a solid plan

Can i form a circle for a group shit?

So. we're going for classy, upscale --yet inclusive-- public urination here. Scary, but not triggering.

Got it!

BTW, I think it would be a powerful statement if the urine of trans people and people of color was at the forefront of the 'river of pee'. Hate to see it get diluted by a lot of white, cis urine.

--Just a thought.


I appreciate the heads up. In case I start peeing in public, but I don't scream (non-silly) and they mis-identify me as a non-protester.

These fucks should dedicate their time and cleanup the rivers and parks from litter or help build a park for kids.